Unknown ex expat

A lot has happened. I’m no more an unknown expat but an unknown ex expat. I moved back to Germany and my life changed a lot: almost no more parties or weekly catch-ups, a freezing climate and a new job.

Here’s a short recap and what happened since the last post:

– visited Libanon one more time and enjoyed amazing food, good parties and relaxing times at the pool and the beach

– went to Iran two more times and had to say good bye to many friends and colleagues

– went to Mussanah for a dive trip with an amazing pool and decent party

– went for another dive trip to Sandy Beach with iconic Snoopy Island

– had to sell my beloved and hated BMW 630i

– enjoyed the cold -18°C Jägermeister bar at Barasti in order to prepare for the cold German winter

– had an absolute blast at my 30th birthday with a brunch at Ritz Carlton, a catamaran tour around the palm and a short visit to Burj al Arab; some people continued afterwards and I heard lots of crazy stories

– continued farewell parties and goodbyes for a good 2 weeks

– had the most intense and emotional good bye with colleagues and friends ever after such a ‘short’ time

– started to settle back in Germany


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