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By accident or rather evolution and genetic diversification, self awareness happened to be tried out. What perfected it was a layer of several interconnected neural networks linked with a couple of sensors and interesting algorithms.


Consultants can _do_ everything with powerpoint *slides*. Most of those​ douchebag monkeyass newbies in life and the universe could also prepare another set of freaking powerpoint slides for me on the topic: how can human kind achieve the much needed same respect for every form of life, i.e. women, men, transgenders, animals, artificial intelligence, aliens, the environment (not only the planet Earth but yeah right the whole effing universe and all the parallel universes). (1)

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(1) btw this respect includes equal pay for all genders but explicitly excludes gender neutral writing in German (Schüler*innen)


Epic battle
In the end it all boils down to the same two fucking questions​: who got bigger balls and whose dick is longer.
In other, more consultant-and-gender-neutral words: we need to understand our market position and compare our lever with the one of our negotiation partner.

Good or bad. Your choice.
In serendipity we trust.

Honda Accord

So I had this Honda Accord rental. It was okay. A little comfy, cruise control – all good.

What was not at all good, was the bluetooth integration though. I mean – yes – it did have bluetooth. But see for yourself.

Where in the following pic you would think that you can control bluetooth, eh?



And? Maybe somewhere here?

2015-08-13 08_01_56-IMG_20150812_083748289


Nah. Of course not. Who are you to think that bluetooth could have something to do with audio and the middle radio unit??

Duh, of course it’s there:

2015-08-13 07_58_26-IMG_20150812_083748289


So how are the bluetooth controls? Well, you got 3 buttons. To pair your device, for pausing and to skip to the previous / next track. Thats it.

Fun fact: you could turn off the radio and the middle display reads ‘audio off’ while your speakers are blasting some 50cent beats…

And last but not least: of course you cannot control the audio volume of bluetooth music stream with the radio volume control. So actually your only chance to change the bluetooth music volume is – on  your bluetooth device.