A big THANK YOU to all my family and friends

Sometimes in life there is this feeling: life is good. I am happy. People around me are happy and healthy.

This is the feeling I have at the moment: I have an amazing girlfriend, I have a good job, my family is all more or less healthy, I have many friends and people that I admire a lot – and that includes people from all times during my life: best friends from before kindergarten, friends from my home village and school time, people from university and people from the last town that I spent 7 years living in. And it also includes many people in the new city and country where I’m currently living – I cannot put it in words how grateful I am and how lucky I feel to have exactly those team mates in the office and exactly those friends outside work.

So here it goes: a big THANK YOU to everyone in my life ­čÖé

As usual there is also something else in my mind: if life becomes too perfect, ┬áit cannot continue like that – sooner rather than later something very bad will happen.

So far nothing has happened and a good friend of mine told me: don’t worry – keep calm and happy and simply carry on enjoying life.



1 thought on “A big THANK YOU to all my family and friends

  1. ja, man sollte sich immer wieder bewusst machen, wie gut es einem geht, wenn man das gef├╝hl hat, es geht mir gut. es ist alles andere als selbstverst├Ąndlich.
    freunde und gutmeinende Menschen sind wie wegbegleiter, wie tischgenossen, manchmal wie eine h├Ąngematte, sie machen das leben sinn- und wertvoll.
    und der freund hat recht: blo├č nicht auf etwas negatives warten – es kommt dann von ganz allein ­čÖé

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