Only in Dubai

So I invited some friends and went shopping for food. Took a cart because it was a little more than usual. I asked the packer guy whether I can take the cart.
‘Do you do delivery?’
‘Walking or car?’
‘How much is it?’
‘Nothing, I will come with you, no problem.’

It felt so wrong walking next to the guy pushing the cart. To my building. Into my building. Into the elevator. WTF?! Almost invited him to the party.

Aaah and for everyone asking ‘why can’t we have the same in our country?!’. Well it’s because of non-wage labour costs. This poor fellow earns probably nothing. Or a little more.

2 thoughts on “Only in Dubai

  1. True that. What’s sad is that this level of “service” is expected in Dubai.These poor chaps in the service industry make peanuts.

  2. tja, wahrscheinlich gibts diesen service wirklich nur dort, wo es einen ausgesprochenen niedriglohnsektor gibt. was hast du ihm dann gegeben?
    als ich mit wolfhart und bill auf dem trip waren, war es mir auch ganz peinlich, wenn schuhputzerjungen unsere schuhe putzten

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