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The Pan Arabia Enquirer

The German people visiting this website might know Der Postillon, US folks might have heard of The Onion.

Funny thing is: even in the – at least to some extend – censored country of the UAE there is (or was) a similar website: the Pan Arabia Enquirer.

Thanks to some really good friends of mine I got to know this website. Just check it out. My all time favorites:

Honda Accord

So I had this Honda Accord rental. It was okay. A little comfy, cruise control – all good.

What was not at all good, was the bluetooth integration though. I mean – yes – it did have bluetooth. But see for yourself.

Where in the following pic you would think that you can control bluetooth, eh?



And? Maybe somewhere here?

2015-08-13 08_01_56-IMG_20150812_083748289


Nah. Of course not. Who are you to think that bluetooth could have something to do with audio and the middle radio unit??

Duh, of course it’s there:

2015-08-13 07_58_26-IMG_20150812_083748289


So how are the bluetooth controls? Well, you got 3 buttons. To pair your device, for pausing and to skip to the previous / next track. Thats it.

Fun fact: you could turn off the radio and the middle display reads ‘audio off’ while your speakers are blasting some 50cent beats…

And last but not least: of course you cannot control the audio volume of bluetooth music stream with the radio volume control. So actually your only chance to change the bluetooth music volume is – on  your bluetooth device.



When I’m working from the Dubai office and I’m heading home, there is a u-turn on the highway. Yes. A u-turn. On the highway. Where the speedlimit is 100 80. Gmaps

And since this is not too safe, there is a crash barrier (or guardrail or: please let me know the most common word for that!) at the u-turn.

A colleague of mine told me that you can make a bet each day, whether the crash barrier is crashed that day or whether it’s alright. This blog post will start a series of pictures to see if he’s right.uturn crash barrier 2015 08 11


I would say this one goes to #50%-crashed.

Ah by the way: thanks for visiting the blog. welcome & enjoy.